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Harriet's Calligraphy Service
Invitation Envelopes

My forte in the calligraphy field is to address invitation envelopes. I have completed several past projects.

Payment Policy

On projects of $50 or less, I request payment upfront.  For projects of $50 or more, I request 
one-half of the full payment upfront.  

Turnover Time

I always suggest to people who need envelopes addressed to have them ready for calligraphy at least a month or two (or more) before they must be mailed out. I always try to accommodate a customer's timetable, but I cannot guarantee it. Please call or email me to discuss specifics.

$2.00 each - Outer fully addressed envelope ($2.50 each if return address needed on back flap)
$1.25 each - Inner partially addressed envelope
$1.00 each - Partially addressed table place cards

Poems and the Like

Poems of 15 lines or less are $35; poems of 16 to 24 lines are $45. Price for poems exceeding 25 lines can be arranged. Please keep in mind that I only do calligraphy as a hobby and am NOT a professional. I want to provide the best product possible, but if I feel your request is too complex, I may not be able to provide my service.

Miscellaneous Projects and Documents

Other projects, such as calligraphy for certificates and other documents, are negotiable depending on the nature and scope of the project.


All projects are handled informally, without any contract or stated or implied guarantee.

Please note that I reserve the right to turn down projects. This does not happen often, but it may be necessary as a result of my business and personal schedule. AS A NON-PROFESSIONAL, IF I FEEL YOUR PROJECT IS TOO COMPLEX I MAY NOT BE ABLE TO PROVIDE MY SERVICE.

Normally I only commit to one project at a time. To reserve my time, I must receive a small deposit.
Availability of Service 

My service is available for the entire U.S. Shipping methods and charges can be arranged.